How to track phone location by AppTracker

Nowadays, every single individual whether it is a kid, elder even older ones are using Smartphone due to the remarkable emergence of applications. Social media applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and Twitter are having an edge over the market. That’s why more and more audience is drawn to it. The application we are going to talk about in this article states you how one can track phone location by phone number. Parents can make use of it so that the location of their kid can be known at the fingertip. Not only can this employer also exercise it so as to know the location of their employees. Isn’t it interesting to know someone’s location through cell phone number?

How to track phone location by AppTracker

The application described in this article is solely designed for parents so that they can track kid’s location using a simple and reliable mean. In addition to this, a spouse can also make use the application discussed here. The tool works on GPS location tracking facility. It is known as AppTracker. It is very important to track the location of the kid if he or she is a teenager because nowadays it is impossible to trust outside people. The AppTracker without making any mistake tracks the location of your kid and shows it on Google map. The essential details and information related to the place are also disclosed in front of the parent.

About AppTracker

About AppTracker
About AppTracker

AppTracker is a phone tracking software with incredible and reliable features. It has a dashboard which is also known as control panel incorporating several features in a drop-down menu? All the basic, as well as advanced features are described in the menu so that the user doesn’t find any difficulty. In addition to this, the app offers a trial version for newbie or beginners. You can try the service for about 48 hours and have a tracking experience. Once you have experienced the tracking tour, you can then decide whether to purchase the premium version of it or not. Its motto is to have a free demo and install the application then.

The installation as well as downloading which is considered basic for having the application is simple and easy to handle. You can directly visit any of the app stores and download it. If you find any problem then landing on the link seems to be the best option for you.  It is a quality and free monitoring application that suits customer chooses the best. It allows users to keep an eye over their kid, monitor the employees and catch the cheating spouse. It even offers a backup data option that can be used when you find your cell phone missing or lost.

It happens many times that you were in a train going for a particular destination, and surely at the station, you lost your cell phone. Or someone thief has snatched it from your pocket. In this case, you might think it is impossible to recover your cell phone but this is not the case so. It can be regained if you have certain information such as phone number. This way you can back up all the data even if you fail to regain the cell phone.

Why choose AppTracker

The audience always has a doubt when someone says this or that product is best, it is why one should choose it. Same goes with the tracking tool. In order to leap you from that question given below are some of the points that enable you to know the answer to this question.

  • It offers many free features
  • It is really easy to use and handle
  • It can monitor your children and employees in real time
  • It is fully compatible on devices such as iphone, Android, and Mac
  • It can track Facebook, whatsapp, as well as incoming and outgoing messages and you, don’t have to root your cell phone

An app when offers this much relief to any customer why to hesitate just download and install the AppTracker.

Is it possible to track someone’s cell phone via a number

Is it possible to track someone's cell phone via a number
Is it possible to track someone’s cell phone via a number

Indeed, it is 100% possible to track someone cell phone through his or her number.  But it is not like the one you have seen in movies. The technique includes the use of spying application mentioned in this article. As soon as the suspect SIM card is set on, you will be able to get all the information from his or her cell phone. Given below is a guide that would allow you to track cell phone through GPS feature-

  • Step 1- first and the foremost thing you need to do is see whether the cell phone is set on switched on mode or not. If you wish to use this application this is the very first criteria you need to fulfill.
  • Step 2- now you need to send a link that is used for hacking. It works like a worm or bug pasted over the message. Or else you can text on a certain app.
  • Step 3- once the bug or worm is established on the suspect phone, you will be able to know the location of that person.

You can easily access the GPS location feature from the dashboard of the AppTracker. Next thing you need to do is forward link and get the process completed. Other reasons to use this method that supports it are-

  • Real-time location tracking on Google map
  • Automatic service and network information capturing
  • Works incredibly on Smartphone and tablet devices
  • It is compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Have a secure registration and sign-up process

What does it take to download the AppTracker

The given below procedure tells you who you can get it-

  • Step 1- you need to visit the AppTracker website
  • Step 2- the next step involves creating an account. You need to fill phone number, password, and email id.
  • Step 3- the third step is to install and configure the app. Just hit the download the app. It just takes around 5 minutes to do that
  • Step 4- phone tracking then can be followed by logging into your account. Just click any of the features present on the dashboard.

Other free solutions offered by AppTracker

If you wish to experience the real power of tracking application, then you get to utilize other features too. Other features are also entitled as special features which are mentioned below-

  • Call recording- call recording permit parent and employees to record all the outgoing, incoming and missed calls. Safe and secure tracking of calls is possible through this tool. Calls are the most used communication means in this present world so it must be monitored through this tool.
  • SMS/MMS- another interesting and innovative feature provided by AppTracker is SMS/MMS tracking. All the MMS/SMS received and sent to the suspect can be tracked. The messages and short video clips can reveal more about the suspect.
  • GPS tracking- GPS tracking feature permits parents and employers to monitor and see the location of the kid and employees respectively. Real-time or LIVE location can be tracked easily. Any of the past visited locations can be retrieved through this tool.
  • Images/photos- tons of photos and images are posted on daily basis on social media applications or clicked. If you wish to stream through the entire list of photos and images, then, in that case, this feature must be used. Past clicked photos and images can be accessed.
  • Social networks- as already mentioned above, lots of photos, and videos along with other documents are being posted on social media, so you can access suspect social networks posts using this feature. We all are familiar with social media applications that are both famous and popular like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. You can access photos, videos, files, and other things like the status of the suspect. Who all have seen it can be tracked.
  • Notification and alert- alert is being sent to the user in case the suspect or target did any activity. For example, if the suspect has just posted a video, or typing a message on whatsApp, you are provided with an alert notifying the activity of suspect. You can thus read it and save it for future use.
  • Remote control- the AppTracker offers a remote control feature that permits the user to track activities. In this way, the employer or parents don’t have to suffer problems related to being around the suspect. You can free no matter in which part of country or city you stay, can remotely track all the activities. You will be able to save time and get information easily.


You won’t get any of the software like as that of AppTracker. It is because it takes courage to offer an incredible amount of features and power. The application is quite simple and easy to operate; the whole range of characteristics will take your spying journey to next level. But remember one thing you at first need to take a free trial version and then purchase the paid version.