5 Ways on How to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone Remotely

It is indeed true that WhatsApp is the most well-known way of instant messaging. Besides having the ability to be utilized for sending text, then you can use it for deeper communication like sending attachments, photographs and even videos immediately. This makes it quit fragile when compared to other methods of communicating. Perhaps you have noted some queer behaviour with your spouse or personnel or your instincts are telling you otherwise. Then its high time you knew the way to hack WhatsApp on iPhone. Let us rock down to a top ways you can use to perform the hacking.

5 Ways on How to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone Remotely
5 Ways on How to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone Remotely

– Part 1. Top 5 Ways to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone Remotely
– Part 2. 5 Tips You Should Know When Using WhatsApp on iPhone


Part 1. Top 5 Ways to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone Remotely

Part 1. Top 5 Ways to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone Remotely
Part 1. Top 5 Ways to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone Remotely

1. AppTracker

This app is excellent for tracking both Android and iPhone functioning systems. The better part is that it works remotely to keep you updated of each activity which range from the GPS place, SMS and Contacts, call history and Social Apps.

The Way to Use This Tool to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone Remotely:

– The very first step into obtaining an effective WhatsApp hack with AppTracker would be to make your account. Use a renowned email address and password in order to get signed up.
– Once you have created your account, you’ll proceed to finish the setup process.
– In this juncture, you have to supply details of the target iPhone device. What follows next is confirmation of the iCloud ID and password of the target device.
– Once you set up each details, all you need is to log in to your AppTracker accounts and head into the control panel.
– Out of here, you want to click on”Social Apps” whereby a list of options will be populated. Click “WhatsApp” and peruse through the activities.

Download AppTracker App at: https://apptracker.net/whatsapp-tracker/

2. TheTruthSpy Hack

TheTruthSpy operates by allowing you to discreetly monitor any action from the goal iPhone device. The better part is you don’t need to jailbreak the app on the apparatus. It is compatible with both Android and iOS systems such as the latest versions.

The Way to Use This Tool to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone:

– The installation procedure only requires three steps. First, download the app and offer your email address. The company will then send you over the air details to activate your account.
– Additional details you may receive include your usernamepassword, a license key and a download link.
– This link provides you an avenue to get the program to the phone which you need to track.
– The next move is that you trigger the program with the license key that you got earlier.
– Once through, use your cell phone or computer to hack on various apps including WhatsApp among others.

3. AppSpy

AppSpy works well with many iOS devices such as iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone tablets. The greater part is that it functions in stealth mode hence the targeted owner can’t understand that they are being tracked.

Easy Steps on How to Hack WhatsApp Account on iPhone:

– Start the procedure by first launching the program in your apparatus. You will have to further add iPhone origin to the display by going to”Manage” then”Source”,”Edit” and finally”Add” to add on the origin.
– The origin is going to be upgraded to finish. You then will need to select package iSpyoo from the origin and install it.
– This link provides you an avenue to download the app to the phone which you want to track.
– Simply tap on the package you need, install and click “Complete” button when the method comes to an end.

4. Phone Sheriff

This is another program which you could use to hack on an iPhone target device. This program gives you greater than you telephone for. It’s compatible with Android, iOS plus some BlackBerry and Mac OS devices. This makes it perfect for parents together with the so called”tough headers”.

Easy Steps to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone:

– After you install the program, it functions swiftly by obstructing the specified activities.
– After installation, you may verify the needed information about the target device before you can start to track the activities.

5. Spy Bubble

It’ll put all of the powers in your hand. Spy Bubble works effectively in enabling you view all sorts of tasks from any iPhone, Mac and Windows Operating Systems. Its ideal especially when you need access to discreet information especially from workers or your spouse.

The Way to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone Remotely:

– Spy Bubble is simple to use after you have purchased a license and installed it. The license is becoming online, which means that you can purchase it from any corner of the planet.
– You will then be issued with a licence and further instructions about the best way to set up the software.
– Once you’ve got these info at your advantage, install and download the app to your device.
– This will open a path under which all data will be recorded to your online account. You may then hack the target device’s WhatsApp by logging into your account using your username and password.

Part 2. 5 Tips You Should Know When Using WhatsApp on iPhone

WhatsApp is your commonly used social media. It matches all categories whether casual or formal communication. For sufficient safety, use these five ideas to keep your private life .

1. Set Passcode on WhatsApp iPhone

Keep safe by setting a passcode that’s only known to you. Setting a passcode lets you export any conversation logs privately whereby nobody can get access. You also have the liberty to synchronize your messages onto your other devices.

2. Lock WhatsApp on iPhone

The other smart way to deter predators would be to lock your WhatsApp messaging on your iPhone. It’s possible to use a biometric mechanism such as your fingerprints. This means you need to embose your fingerprints to the iPhone to bring forth any info that is needed.

3. Block Someone on iPhone WhatsApp

Here is the easiest way to evade those annoying identities out of your phonebook. Customize your solitude and keep enjoying your social life with only the invited guests. Among the actions you can take include blocking or removing those contacts from your list.

4. Switch on Security Notifications

With security telling on, you will instantly know when a brand new gadget welcomes your iPhone. WhatsApp can send notification whenever your safety code changes for increased security ability.

5. Two Step Verification

This is another ideal way of ensuring your data isn’t accessible by any other individual. To enable this, go to the”Menu” and then”settings” until it is possible to allow the affirmation about the”Account” setup. All you need is a six digit PIN code that functions as a barrier for anyone who tries to access your accounts.


Hacking any social media program has come to be pretty simple with accessibility of powerful tools like AppTracker. The way to hack WhatsApp on iPhone only requires a few steps and you receive all the information at your reach. But, there are steps one can take to boost security and also the hints tell all of it.